Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Thank You's

Dear Josephites,
Would you please agree to the fact that I'm thanking you,without being skeptical?So well,firstly,thank you for showing that avidity of a dog[no sarcasm] when it came to reading the Yearbook cum Magazine.Really,you stole my heart,even if you happened to fake it[in case you did] .
This book is a dream in form of words,my dream and when you flip through the pages,it's my[and also others']dreams that you are visualizing.There were so...soooo many puerile yet wonderfully imaginative works that I had gone through,I'm so sorry,if yours wasn't in the final copy and when I say that I don't mean those were worthless,maybe yours wasn't the best[don't think you aren't the best]and that keeps happenning,even with me,specially in my romantic life when I see chicks uglier than toads and dumber than Vibhor[think Roadies] dating some real nice chap. :X =P

This work that I was adduced is the best form of work,I have done.Secondly,I thank you for appreciating my own articles,hope you didn't think that I took the liberty of an editor cum compiler to get mine into the book.No,the others chose mine while I theirs,not because of friendship,I assure you.You,Josephites,got me thinking whether I should take writing seriously but then my colloquial style won't give me any award,so chuck.I never had so much of faith in me,until you came and said "Good job,famous author!".Thanks for demanding more of my work,yes,I will show you.My poems,ahh,my poems,I never knew you'd like those too and also,the polygot book got many others noticed too,I'm glad.

When it came to the mistakes,honestly,the whole crew worked really hard to make sure nothing gets wrong and you people didn't dishearten and discourage us,the lenity you showed in the minor mistakes,the way you overlooked the goodness over the could I thank you.

For the editorial team and the rest of the magazine crew

Now that it's seriously over,I hope and hope the the days would rewind,till the time from where we began.Arguments,tensions,strains,that beginning I mean.We were not even sure that this issue of Juvenilia would be 'The Juvenilia' of the decade.I mean honestly,how far did we imagine?A bad cover,some sub-standard Juvenilia and sigh.Although a teacher is acting REAL stupid,I meant heights of stupidity,everything else went nice.True,at 1 at night,when I'd have a test to study for and a pile of articles waiting to be read,I'd almost be in tears and hate it.But that time was worth it,it's an accomplishment which was meant to make us confident,now look,we are over-confident.So we must party over this sometime later,as for now,kicking off with major kicks in your abdomen and love to cure them.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smarty Idea For Smarty People.

For those Emo-Goth out there,yes you "Nobody loves me,I want to die,I want to slit my wrist"...this post is EXCLUSIVELY for you.

Agreed to Devend's comment,my blog is downright outrageous.I'll just sarcrifice my Oh-So-Lady-Like-Modesty for a better cause,for a hilarious cause,to show you the light,to enlighten you with a new way of committing suicide.

Incident:A 51 year old Australian...umm sorry, 'strai-lian man,named John Paul,with a pea-sized human brain[even kangaroos are smarter,you'll find that out when you are done with reading] this dumbass,filled up condoms with a narcotic preparation of cannabis which is as good as weed and is known as hashish.He then swallowed some 60 condoms stuffed with hashish and then he got internal infection because the condoms burst in his intestine and died thus.
Vottay smart aleck!

It wasn't an attempt to suicide apparently,but you could always use that idea because nobody loves you,nobody cares and yes,because you need to die.This is slow but outright effective.

He had been smuggling drugs to a party in Thailand.Guess what?He got me thinking,I don't have a hint on why he swallowed it up with CONDOMS?

That's right,WTF?

The Light In Our Dark Lives.

Dear Loveable Sister Margarette FC Subba,

That is not a long name at all.I'm writing this to express my love for you and to tell the world why they should idolize you.
Sr.,you are the wonderwoman of my life.I really don't know why,they've got a cartoon wonderwoman when there's a human among us.
I want to tell you that,you've never been rude to us,nor our parents and that you know well how to mind your tongue and never tell us "SHUT UP YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH".No,you never were rude.You never walk around with a stick to hit "BIG GIRLS" in front on the primary kids,making them look like apes laughing in a very laughable matter.You never throw absent letters at people's faces.You never even insult any guardian.You pray to God and will make it to heaven since we are all blessing you.I can't take too much of your brim-full love.You provide buses for class XII,very comfortable buses where we've got ample space to sit or stand,where it doesn't feel like being in a menagerie.You don't keep 50% profit from anything,say from the cost of books or copies or even my magazine because a fraud and a glutton for money you aren't.
When I grow up,i don't want to be my mother,I want to be you.Like a real god-loving nun who's the least liverish among everyone in school.Like a real woman.The teachers don't fear you.When I grow up to be you,I'll write an autobiography[6 Volumes],where a whole volume named "Megahertz:The Original Frequency Of Love,Care,Intellingence,Not-Stupidity,Not-Dumbness,Not-Foul Mouthedness",will be dedicated to you.My friends have also decided upon writing one book on you "How To Save Yourself From A Not-A-Polar-Bear"***.
We really love you.Oh,yes,we do.Please don't read my blog until the time I pass out from this school,oh wait,you'll be busy loving us. :D
I love you.



***Polar Bears are said to be very cute,such that you want to go and hug them and say coochie coo,until the time they dine on you.The theory was pointed out by me to 'M' and 'U'.

P.S.-Did i mention that i gave up being sarcastic?Like say totally!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Green Green Beauty Queen!

The new issue of RD came in a parcel today and as I flipped through the pages that's the first thing that sort of 'allured' my eyes :D

I couldn't,absolutely coudnt abstain myself from blogging this and sarcasm is almost an innate impulse within me,when I get a chance to laugh at aaah..."high class celebrities" or some infamous person too,for that matter.

Pity!Liz Hurley ain't a blonde.

So anyway,those of you call 'a bit of lusting' an oxymoron gotta be some philosopher,some saint,some priest,some nun,whatever.I promise to write a hagiography on you.

For the rest,let me remind you she's a 'HIGH-CLASS ENGLISH WOMAN' and Hugh Grant is SO-NOT her style. :D

Don't you go telling her:"Brush up your English, high-class English Woman".

You so won't do it!

Lady,you say it best,when you say nothing at all. (:

Mr.Editor,Mr. Cartoonist-you are the frigging awesome!

Another thing that caught my eye was something what Miss South Carolina said.
When asked why 20% of Americans can't locate America on a map.This was her response:
"I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so beacuse,uh,some people out there in our nation don't have maps,and,uh,I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and,uh,the Iraq everywhere like,such as and I believe that they should,our education over here in the US should help the US,uh,should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries,so we'll be able to build up our future for us."
I wonder if she knows names of the many more existing countries SPECIALLY India,since,uh,The George Bush,didn't,uh,bomb the India. :D
Now you know why beauty queens aren't stupid and you also know the reason of their not being stupid.
p.s.-The author isn't an expert either,when it comes to English. :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day well spent...

This post,is not gonna be a sarcastic post or even a laughable one.So if you think my humour-graph is downward sloping,so be it!
This day was well spent,starting with awesome silky hair,correctly solved Differentiation,reading someone else's love letter and presenting the critical appreciation to the clean shaven guy[who got suspected to have removed his hair by Anne French]who had written it.Attending the AWESOM-EST party of the year,assuring people about my ethnicity,talking a lot and spending a lot of time with...yea whatever.Getting appreciative comments for a nice face[the hall had dim lights],and "CUTE!CUTE!CUTE!CUTE" assuring comments,again spending a whole evening with...yea whatever.
Laughing at the blatant frank avowal of...yea whatever.Making you google avowal :D
Forgetting to take the camera.
Telling mom about the leaked love letter and realizing thus,ugly or pretty out of 48 students in my class 41 has a boy friend to think about,while I fall among the leftovers,because of the list of criteria.
Getting my photos clicked in...yea whatever's camera,and then deciding to meet again to see the pictures,just for the sake of it.
.........And Boom!back to square one. ):


p.s.-i forgot to warn you:this is pathetically boring. :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doodle 3:Showerhuff Episode

For Neeru:
~And once again Showerhuff,shaved your day!~

Friday, April 18, 2008

Doodle 2:Showerhuff Episodes

For Rajeev:
Seduced by his suicidal blog,Showerhuff designs a special dagger to rescue Emo-Goth from their gallows.
~Showerhuff shaves the day!~

For Neeru:

....and Showerhuff learns water management from her EVE book and stores the water in her Johad[Updated Version].Later she uses it to grow wheat and feed the poor.

~Showerhuff shaves the day!~

For Harsh[ad.]:

And yet again...~Showerhuff,shaves the

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doodle 1

Initially I tried doodling myself.
got the eyes right.
But she looks less like me and more like a manly female.LOL.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whatever definitely not the skin.

When I was born,I was black.
When I got bruised,I was black.
When I felt like puking,I was black.
When I got married,I was black.
When I died,I was still...BLACK.

When you were born,you were red.
When you got bruised,you were purple.
When you felt like puking,you were green.
When you got married,you were pink.
When you died,you were grey.

And still...still you fucking Gora,you got 'em freaking nerves,'em fronts to call me coloured?!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I have been drawing a Tibetan flag,all evening.
Why?You'll get 5 $ if you answer this,and 5$ more to figure out that I'm poor resource-wise.
~Why does the blog look like an unnoticeable online diary?~
*After-effects of Aaron's-journal reading*

I SWEAR,I SWEAR,I'll come up with something less-lamer than this,next time.
Con Amore Losers.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Emotional Shit-Part 2

He is "a certain kind of Indian male, overbearing, vain, self-centred - yet, for all that, not unlikeable".......