Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Absurd Character Analyzation

The kid is a quiet one,she can be the monitress of the class,she must be a scholargirl,weak kids should sit with her.
The kid actually can't talk or doesn't wanna make an ass of herself.Her leadership qualities maybe close to null,and she might be equally dumb when it comes to intelligence.
The kids blabbers too much and is a back-bencher,she's the don of theclass,other kids must stay away from her.
The blabbering kid must be actually making sense when she jabbers more than the teacher.Back-benchers necessarily donot flunk out.Analysis points out that they are the intelligent ones.
She bunks classes,she's bold!
And then she tops tops...i guess she cheated.I dunno how can someone cheat and top,have you any idea?
The girl is liverish,she's bad.
Liverish kids may also have a heart of gold,as if you have got a characterometer?
She talks about sperms and vagina!She's the whore of the class.
The girl actually knows more biology than you,asshole!
She speaks English,not her mother tongue.SHOW OFF!
She's good at that language,bothers you?Don't remember the time you told you made a FOX PAS in your English paper instead of a faux pas?
The girl wears fashionable clothes,what a stinking rich spoilt brat!
We know you love wearing granny clothes,but she's actually sensibl-ER than you not to wear them,you jealous twit!
She hates to study,let's not mingle with bad girls,my mummy told me so.
Hell!She knows other things better than you.Like,did you know aboutyour mother's non-existing fragile X syndrome?Oh you don't know,that'sright,no wonder you deserve a fourpenny one to judge people.
And lastly,J is the worst girl ever!
Yea okhay,fuck you!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Mall

So we've got this new mall,with branded clothes,in Silly.There are individual shops too,scattered all around Silly,but this new one is the biggest and costliest one where one tiny coffee shop has to pay 30k as its rent.
And Sillygurian people would stab me to death,if i told you that they are a bunch of assholes,beacause that's what they are.I'm a migrator,and i don't know the reason of my migration.And ofcourse they'd bury me alive ONLY IF they located my blog,and after locating read it,which i doubt they can,because a blog is unknown to them...and unknown,God.Oh well,then i am supposed to be a bigger God.
So anyway,we've got this mall,and 'em Silly people are treating it as a monument,they've never been out of this place.They were born here,fed here,married here,and they make their kids here,the most they can do right now is come to the new mall,with large families,everyone holding picnic baskets,the children with water bottles around their neck,some clinging to the mother,some crying.No i'm not spiteful,it's just that i loathe this place,like i loathe going to school.So they go to the mall,the men walk ahead,with solemn looks they point out to their family members the various shops.They look around bewildered.They get astonished to see the capsule-lifts.And ofcourse when it comes to going to the upper floor or coming down,there are concrete steps...but no,they'll use the escalator...question is,how?First the man of the house will get fully padded,and perhaps wear helmets and cautiously give it a try.After they succeed incessently ,they'll teach their kids.The kids cope up with it fast.Next,it's the turn of the females,they'll pray to God,pray for their safety,they'll grab their husbands' arms but never take a step towards the ghastly-automatic-sinisterly-stairs.After an hour the wives decide that concrete steps are the best,and the others give in.Then the auto-rickshaw man,who they hire for the day paying 50 bucks an hour,come hurrying,saying they need to leave,he's got an emergency call.So they all leave.Outside the gate they'll click a photo as a memento,and perhaps,several years later,when an Earth Quake destroys the mall,they'll point to a photo phrame and tell their grandchildren,"Once upon a time,Silly had a palace too,and I had gone there."
And the worst part of it is,they aren't illiterate,they are like the frog in the well.And i am not a social snob,i just feel helpless about the fact,that they are the people i live with.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Emotional Shit-Part 1

....And the train rolled on,every day
Hundreds of people coming or going or running away
I haven't seen you again,bright boy at the carriage window,
Waving to me calling,
But I've loved you all these years and looked for you everywhere,
In citites and villages,beside the sea,
In the mountains,in crowds at distant places;
Returning always to the forest's silence,
To watch the windows of some passing train....