Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're talking about DP here.

Photos have found a newfound value. Let us first compare two situations.
2 decades back:
Hey that's a really nice photo. You should frame it.
Hey! DP material. DPfy it right away!
It's almost impossible to click photos of people when they're unaware of a big camera hovering around their faces.
They request, "One DP please!"
"No this one's not good. Under the bamboo trees? Okhay, should I look elsewhere to make it look natural."
Natural, sorry?
"Yes this one is natural, put it up on facebook please?"
We need to re-define natural. Clearly.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Because everything is so amazing!

I have been wondering what to blog about for a really long time. Today I found out what annoys me. PMS-ing people among other things of course.
There's this whole crowd of them around me. They take 25 minutes to stand up. 1 hour to walk to the canteen which is by the way not in Connecticut. Ohh bummer they will also whine to an extent that you'll be so annoyed that you'll stealthily move out of that crowd before God rips off your life-contract out of sheer disgust!
Don't touch me.
It's paining.
Don't talk to me.
Leave her alone. She's PMS-ing.
Worse. Leave HIM alone, he's PMS-ing.
Aww. It'll be okhay. Aww.
Aww. Aww. Aww.

And someone or the other keeps PMS-ing all the time! Whatever happened to normal periods?
Whatever's next? No, I cannot understand people anymore.

To be away from such a vexatious throng I attended this all-night concert. We lay on the rocks as it rained and the breeze swept the grains of sand swiftly, with little leaves getting lost in my hair (you know why). It was nice. It was seamless like those things you don't talk about but only witness. And it's tranquility gave me little goosebumps the whole night. We listened to flute and I wish it wouldn't stop because it was transcendental, and I forgave the annoying little twits for the whole night!