Thursday, January 24, 2008


Reader's Note:I donot know how to rhyme.Seriously.But when i see others rhyme,kids rhyme better than me,then my soul gets grabbed by some poetic afflatus though most of the time I'm basically a dry prosaic person.Winds,thunders,romance,rain,flowers......I'm unmoved by them all.Anyway,when i rhyme,i like to keep it as a secret BUT one character blackmailed me into putting this here.I know that you rhyme better than me BUT PLEASE don't laugh at my rhyme.
Silent laughters is permitted.

For Meat's Sake

I walked past the crumbly home,
Past the blue dome,
Past little boys flying kites,
Past bluejays on their flights.
On my way came the butcher's shop,
The butcher had his eyes on his goats,incase rogues rob.
Nobody could rob them,except of their lives,
Which the butcher did often,with his sharp curved knives.
Then,came a man and said,"I want fresh meat."
The butcher replied calmly,"Sir,please take a seat."
He picked up a kid as per the customer's choice,
Sharpened his already sharp knife,making screeching noise.
With malice in his eyes,he jostled with the ranting kid.
I shut my eyes and walked on,A little later,I heard the kid mourn.
For a last time did the kid bleat,
This time I felt the Earth tremble beneath my feet.
Then,silence creeped in,like a slithering snake,
All of this,just for meat's sake?


there you go.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


And till Thursday I kept saying,"YAY!WE'LL GO FOR RALLY!" in a singsong monotone.
Yea,okhay.we went went for a rally.
So we had our rally yesterday,suspensing traffic wherever we went but,seriously I dunno the reason of our peace rally.It was probably for the minority and the poor missionary schools and though I want to be a Pariah[for the amount of facilities they get] I'm sad to say that,I'm a godammed high-class Hindu.And ofcourse our school is one of the richest in Silla,but yea we rallied gathering a whole lot of obnoxious curses...."Salle,rasta bandh kar diya!!" and et cetera.
Our muckamuck dear principal with her cliche`d,soft appealing voice asked us to learn the objectives of our rally INCASE the media people attack us.Nobody bothered.Nobody bothered to read what our placard said either.
So our dear Sister Principal got the most number of students for which the Fathers thanked her.
Ofcourse Fathers and Sister....well....
So we got mucky right from the mid-way and at times the rally acted like "Silla Marathon,08".Hopeless students started running creating an olio.I haven't an idea why.And just when my stomach started howling pathetically,the rally got over,FINALLY,phew!

But anyway,the court has said that leading a rally with students is illegal,now you can switch on to your TV and see our dear,i-put-up-a-big-fake-smile-and-am-generally-rude Sister principal anxious to atone for bringing 400 students in rally to fullfill her own interest.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hum Ladki Dekhne Aaye Hai

So my neighbour Bill and I have the same maid,or household helper-whichever word you prefer.
And she's as old as my mom or Bill's,and is a granny already.[please note:mine or Bill's mom isn't 50 years old,if that pea-sized brain of yours assumed so].
So this lady named something,I know not of,known worldwide as 'Mashi' has a daughter of 17.
No,Bill didn't get her pregnant,how could you even think of it?So the daughter named 'Nandita'
is supposed to be getting married to a driver named something.And he has already gone through the "Hum Ladki Dekhne Aaye Hai" phase once and has undergone through that phase for the second time,and eventually both the times it was with the same girl.Yes,i'm talking about Nandita.The first time,he met her,she already started acting like his wife,forcing a sweet down his mother's throat.Poor,poor mother!Somehow her red sari and golden coloured jewellery was a drastic contrast to her umm....complexion.I'm not a rascist by any means,it's just that "The less,the better".So she got rejected the first time after exchanging phone numbers.

Anyway,he came to meet Nandita again today with his whole family,at Bill's house.She wore the
red sari and her golden-coloured jewellery,and dyed her hair,mahogany.[ewwww!]I and Bill were,so happy,everything was so nice.Bill kept murmuring this throughout "Jai Maa Kali,Jai Maa Kali,Tere Vachaan,Na jaye khabi khali".If your head is not entirely vacuum,you'll understand what that vagabond actually meant.No,he's not a rascist either,he's got a big,black dog.

So yea,this driver fella went to the loo at a point of time,and came back as quickly as he went.And trust me,Bill's got a strong binocular vision.And the next thing he says is "CHECK YOUR FLY!"[translated].The driver looks down,humiliated,his face as red as wild cherries,apparently
gloating and swearing to kill Bill at the noon of the night.He puts up a big fake smile and says "OH!" and pulls up his zip.
We all observe a minute of silence,everyone trying to supress his/her uncontrolled laughter.

But hopefully,they'll get married and live happily ever after.....
....and get the population even higher.
And yea,he says that he doesn't like Mahogany dye.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Untitled 2

Yas!Yas!My people,my subjects,bend a little too low for your queen is here.
Say,All Hail Our Queen.
Okhay whatever.
So we had our display board today,on the topic "Children and Media".
And reader,if you happen to be my classmate,let me tell you,YELLOW TEAM IS ROTTEN WITH PUNKS.....except a few of the filtered ones.
Jeniffer-She's this ever-lifeless,ever-expressionless creature who is motionless too.she didn't make a chart!AND SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP ME WITH THE MODEL!
Madhushree-The whispering joker who generally laughs at her own joke while the rest is mute.She was busy helping RED TEAM!for chrissake,RED TEAM?!?
Ankita Bose-famously known as oily,her chart was as pathetic as her oily,dirty hair!
Shayoni-oh yes!that's rt,she prolly massages masoline,all day long.Anter asked her to design the border of some chart with polka dots[HOW DARE YOU LAUGH?]and she draws a bunch of circles in a red coloured paper,instead of folding the paper several times and drawing one circle,and surprise surprise!she expects me to cut her bunch of circles?DUH!

SowemadeamodelofaCyberCafe` *beams* iwasalmostoutofbreathlikethis sentenceseemstobe.We stuck a couple of billboards and paper-humans smaller than the computers but still surfing the net.Humans can get REALLY desperate at times.
And,we[I and Anter,assisted by Sam] also made TV,radio, et cetera,and Tanvi and Amrita managed
the charts well.Ah yeah,and Famida Tasneem Nahar made a chart too[i have a ruppee due,for which she had been pestering me for months].
We finished before the other three teams and did "Jharoo Pochcha".
History of "Jharoo Pochcha":back in primary,when a kid would say on a Friday "I'll give you this tomorrow" or something dealing with tomorrow,the other kids would say "Okay come to school on Saturday to do "Jharoo Pochcha" ."And tada!today's a saturday!

Give me a valid reason for reading this post.
But anyway,yellow team did a wonderful job.

p.s.-i almost forgot this rhyme:-
Yellow is our colour,
Victory is our name,
We have the power,
To win the game.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Answering Machine

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Now you know what you have to do.
Weepers weep,
Sweepers sweep,
Please leave your message after the beep.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Untitled 1

So,i'm trying to prepare my piece of shitwork,maybe first i'll just count how many blogs i have.three?just three?just to prove my lifelessness three blogs exist?Okhay so new year
*Nuke year
let more and more politicians die and WOW!maybe i'll stand for elections when we are freed of i-just-had-my-jailtime-politicians' clutches.
#rule one:i ban schools!
#rule two:okhay that's it.

okhay!so that was the first post,i hope you find it innovating just to read my posts to your li'l newborn babies,so they just fall asleep without any lullaby or being rocked.
truly yours.