Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doodle 6:Revelation.

Pope Benevolent II was here,just thought i'd let you know.

Hurting any religious sentiment is purely unintentional.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friends,Lovers and Yetis...



Fair skinned Lovers,this is for you,though I'm not sure if any exists.
Dear White-skinned Lover(s),since you know it (now) that yetis can look cute,though they have a Gorkha dagger in their left hands (as in the 2nd picture),you'll be referred to as Yeti now[^_^].
You can always get a chilled drink for you and for me with the snow [in your right hand].
AND since I'm brown you can call me sasquatch,though I could do with a lighter shade of brown.
I have a chainsaw in my hand,so don't stray for other Cutequatches.

Okhay,enough of infinite stupidity,blame the pink blog of Niyara.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Is" It Doodle 5?

Is that an emo?
Is it true that you cry wherever you go?
Are those converse keds?
Do you slit your wrist at night in your bed?
Are those lips blue?
Is it ugly you?


J. :D

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doodle 4:Heat the Beat.Swap!

So Idiots,Losers,Happy Beating the Sun's Heating process.I'm sure you are all terrific losers.
A scientist has invented Tong Tongue,which works basically like a tong,more like a snake's tongue.It's slit in the middle and thus it enhances double licking method of two different food.
She's made her name up on the Flimflam Book Of Odds.The tongue can hold food too.Friction baby,friction!FICTION?
Also, Illicit Ice Cream Co. made the biggest ice-creams ever-Tuty Fruity and Black Current flavours.It also made it to the Flimflam Book Of Odds.Did I mention?
The Big Brains had a collusive agreement and now it's like Get Set...DECEIVE!
This is the rough idea of the advertisement that i've come up with.They want people to chill.
The thing is,the Scientist and the Entreprenuer are the same person.
I think there's a Grammatical error there^^.
That's right.You can't figure out,where.
Now you are even beginning to doubt if there's any mistake at all.
The correct word will be the caption of my next post.So wait till then.I guess,i just need a name for my next post.
Oh wait,there are no readers here and no,i'm not a purist.
You'll know the name of the Scientist and Entrepreneur later.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stormy Morning Blues And DEEP DEEP Crimson's'

Rain Clouds in the sky,
I don't know why
They make me blue,
When I'm thinking of you
Maybe they want to cry,
As I walk on by Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes

Love during summer rain,
Causes no pain 'cause I'm looking back,
At you once again,
Memories crowding my mind,
You're one of a kind,
Life with out love, I'm helpless I'm dying.

Try to smile once again,

As they slash in my window pain
I quiet like that,
I don't mind I've got no complaint

Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance
I don't know why whether to cry out loud,

But I'm feeling fine watching the rythm of the rain falling down

Rain falling around, it's just the sound I like to hear,
When my heart's feeling down.

A lot of wind.Strong wind,slapping at your face.
Blowing through the window.
Papers,curtains and clothes flying around,like kites...
and then,summer storm.
Clicked.Saved.For some other stormy day.
I seem to have a strong affinity for red and silver sparkle hearts,did I mention?
I'll teach that to my kids[as well]---the ones who'll live in a orphanage that I'll take care of,
when I get into the sorority congregration.
I'm putting up lyrics of an awesome Indian song,along the dreamy dreamy romantic pictures.
Am I not romantic?HELL YEA!I have superfluous romanticism in me.I'll show you when I be a Mother,like Mother Teresa.
I find romanticism in my fathomless solitude,in a stormy day.An animated loneliness at night.Separation.Blogs in black much like ladies in black or Men In Black[part I,II *i lie!i lie!*]
The pathos I create in your mind,everytime I say "Even that dumbass went out for a lunch date,yesterday!" :D
The disdainfulness I show at inferior creatures.Mocking and laughing at people,I won't give up.
When I spend hours laughing and mocking at myself,it does justice to my nature when I do that to you.>>>>>Romanticism.More like Scornful Romanticism.
I'd also find it romantic if you'd not make that 'WTF'-look while reading it and would not gracefully swear at me,silently. Just make it short,as they say brevity is the soul of wit.
Brevity>>>romantic. :)
Aww,don't stay down,they'll have a wholesale market for you and for me,someday.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nothing Like J.Everything.

1st of May and a second post already!
A conversation b/w me and Syrup.

seraph: work
J: today's may can u work?
J: i'm like friggin pissed school today
J: i haven't anything else to do except going to school
seraph: anywho how is tht little fella?
J: i hate staying at home
J: juno is okhayJ: and there are like 3 tests a week
J: and u gotta get a 20 outta 25 to save ur ass
J: and u gotta come home go to tutions and come back and study
J: then eat and study
J: and sleep for 4 hrs
J: and then go to school
J: write tests
J: and then u gotta work on ur mindblowingly tedious
J: job
J: project
J: and then you gotta get snide remarks abt all u do
J: it's like
J: i'm alive only for the standard jokes i get to laugh at from 2 of my frnds in school
J: digital ppl-i hardly meet
J: the ones i love talking to are pissed at me
J: and i cleared off my list
J: a few stay invisible 24*7
J: it's like home=dead!
J: i hate the way life's going on
J: fun=zilch.
J: romance=zilch.
J: tv=zilch.
J: friends=zippo.
J: secrets=no1 to stare with
J: *share
J: problem=who gives a fuck abt yours?
J: weather=getting roasted
J: body=perspiring 24*7
J: *sighs* syrup.carry on with ur work.
J: now i have an eco. class to attend
J: i gotta come back home
J: and study for tomorrow's test
J: and what i get from it?unecessary sarcasm
J: sayonara.

I have learnt to hate home by now,except for the pup that lives in it.No one's been rude to me,no one's been fighting.It's like what have I to do at home except for the school texts to read?I watch a little bit of TV and I hear shouts from all sides,more like noise of approching frothy waves,not harmonious for me,the voices say "Enough of TV!".I listen to music and then the same voices boom out loud "Enough of music!" and when I play with the pup the voices say "He's not gonna get you into a good college!"
When I sign in to my messenger,there are cold and distant messages to read and to reply to,some don't bother leaving any,some promised not to talk.Rylynn,only Rylynn makes my day.You get a phone call and they ask "are you studying?",you get a 10 in a shock test[note:not surprise],literally a shock-test and they say,"is that what have you been studying all the time?"Party?NO!Only for half an hour?Still,NO!
What's wrong with a li'l bit of fun?One word:NO!You got piles of homework to be done and also tests to study for,and when you are not going parallelly you're a goner!
A li'l of creative writing?If you think,you'll get yourself into the bill of fame for being creative artificer which you are not,you think too much.Don't.
Too beat,take a nap?Drink GluconD and then get back to study.
Why aren't you talking to me?Sorry,is someone talking to me?A 'nobody' talking to me?
Huh?Not a hint of self-respect apparently.
Elucidate?fuck off.
*Sighs*.Hi?Bad mood,bye.
A day at Shillong,please mummy?And you want me to write your exams?
Purkayastha,bad,bad!Like real bad!Why?
Home alone:At the end of the day,a puff or two and stout[encoded].
Sonny,let's get married,boy?Say tomorrow?Committed.
Enjoyment='M' and 'U'.I.Love.You.Girls.Godammed.Much.And.Yes.Rylynn.TOO!
Rest,why do you even need it?

When I'm Blanked Out.

I entreat you Mr.God,to give them half an eye to figure out what it is about.
Reader,[no reader for me]i'm sad.Boo!
Some moron pilfered my confidence,my IQ,my self-respect,my heart.Too petty a thief he is.The biggest moron ever,he's got perfect acuity,he's got a nice li'l head,possibly everything I don't possess,so not flawless,so spiteful,so dominating,so like an Indian male,and yet so likeable.Pilferage?That too what's not of your kind?
Mr.God,don't uplift me beyond my hopes.
B'bye :)