Monday, July 6, 2009

An important notice:I'm in college,so screw them who refer me to as 'the kid'.Hard to accept or whatever OR whatever!Plus point is,I might not eventually emerge as the 'she goes bi the way'.It doesn't come 'that' close to the paradise I always wanted to be in,blame the polls,yea somehow it's related with the figures that ruined my life.I should have seen that coming and switched over to CBSE.I wallow in self-pity,self-pity because I worked hard and I'm more fucked up than all of us together.Those who have the feeling of vengeance and [now]accomplishment are happy[I pray that you all end up with bloody impotents].Don't get me wrong,I'm NOT in a lousy college but I'm not in my dream-college either.
And ohh,a few days back I worte an essay somewhere about some blogosphere and narcissim and as I read my older posts,I know why I chose it over other viable options.
Sad part is,I'll have to sacrifice my niceties,fit myself and my things in a gloomy PG and fight with people for my share of oxygen.I'm not even excited anymore.Every night I plan to make a list of things I'll need and then go shopping the next day.I still am unplanned and I haven't shopped for a thing and I'm leaving on 12th.I demand my food,bed and pet!Why can't the benefits of being in a cool college co-exist with benefits of living a comfortable life?It's always been the same with me.I'll whine for something until I get it and then whine because I want to rid myself off it.Fact:I don't want to attend college.Why did you even read this post?