Monday, July 28, 2008

This Is How I Do It.

Correct.So this is how I go to school.
Today was some Naxalite's birthday.Happy Birthday!Every year we get a holiday on this day.Today we didn't.
My bus leaves at 8:00 a.m. Going to the bus stand takes 15 minutes.

7:45 a.m.
*still sleeping*
*phone rings*
U:hey we've got school or not?
U:we got to go to school??
Me:NO!Nobody went to school.
U:I think we'll have school,i'm pressing my clothes.
Me:nah!i'm sleeping,bye!

7:48 a.m.
Mum:You have school.The neighbour kid went away.

But there was an option there,she could have asked me not to go to school because there was no way that I'd make it to the bus stand on time.But no,she pressed my clothes,gave me a cup of pomegranate juice in a square shaped cup[wtf?].Before that thing could make it to my mouth,it settled comfortable on my shirt.Wonderful!
We both shouted at each other,but she'd send me to school anyhow.My rascal sister feigned sickness and stayed back.*swears*
By the time,I was done[without taking a shower] it was 8:05 a.m. ....but I still had to go to school,innit?
So a neighbour gave me a ride on his 'tuk tuk tuk tuktuktuktuk..trrrr' kind of bike.That was the sound.I couldn't miss it,could I?
And I made it to school.
At school:
S:Someone just got up from the bed and came to school.
Me:STFU! *swears more*

So,this is how I do it.This is the art.This is it.

Moral:Kill the principal,kill the bus driver,kill the neighbour kid,celebrate everyone's birthday,tie your mom to a chair and lock the door,kick your sister on the day before the prospective holiday.Then sleep and quit talking to geek friends.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Doodle 8:I Do It Everytime,Ranju.So?

The bomb belongs to the deserving ass,in the world of Economic,NOW UNDERSTAND THIS!
BOP is ALWAYS balanced.I'll tell you why;because credit has to be equal to debit EVERY fucking time.When trade is carried on without considering the BOP account it's autonomous receipts[for me]and payments.When BOP>BOT,my relatively tolerant mouth can't shut the fuck up,only 'just' though.Hence to balance my trade,I shove up a bomb in your ass,and you blow up.That is accomodating capital outflow.Fair enough,my ears blew up because of your affinity towards 'you do it everytime.'
Someone mail my blog link to this inept,narcissist bitch!

Now only if I were a real millitant.Only Alice gets to comment here,I learnt up too much of Economics,eh?

Friday, July 25, 2008

The July Post:Tagged.

I am:I am an animal.I am a human.I don't see any difference between them.
I think:Frankly speaking,I don't think.Logically speaking,I can't!
I know:That you can't match upto my calibre.
I want:A my driving license,please!Daddy are you reading?
I have:A dysfunctional family. :P
I wish:That the wishes upon a shooting star would come true.
I hate:R.P.
I miss:Papa.
I fear:Reptiles.
I feel:That it'd be best if I'd get to be an Empress of any sort.
I hear:Ranjita's bullshit.No one listens to her anyway.
I smell:Shadow and Royal Mirage and Jovan,for this month atleast!
I crave:For a date? =/
I search:For an adventurous date?
I wonder:If I'll even get to see Egypt.
I regret:Going to school.
I love:Papa.Period
I ache:For Shillong,right now.
I am not:The person who you want to be like.
I dance:NEVER.
I sing:In the bathroom.
I cry:Never in public[M,are you reading this?]
I don't always:Crack laughable jokes.
I fight:With bullies.
I write:Stories and dissertations for school.
I win:Arguments.
I lose:My temper mostly.
I never:Hit anyone.
I always:Balance.
I confuse:People confuse me.
I listen:To nothing that Syrup will be interested in.
I can usually be found:In school mostly! :(
I need:MY OWN CAR!
I am happy about:Whatever is happening,right now.
I imagine:Nice things that aren't presentable,else I'd be Salman Rushdie.
I tag:M and Sammok.