Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can't solve the mystery of disappearing phone balance and I stopped poking fun at those people who talk on phone at night.I've joined their league.I talk from almost midnight and yawn sometime at 2.
A general idea of how my room looks like:
A bed without a bed cover so that I can 'plunge' in.Plunge because it has my denims,stacked newspaper of the whole week almost,'mah iPod','mah phone',umm..and Joseph and Myall.
My chairs,one has all the cushions of the other chairs,another has a heap of clothes and one has a bag.
'Mah table' has admission forms and the re-printed version of admission forms.My old man has gone bonkers and writes things like "EVE Purkayastha" beside "Name of the applicant" and makes me re-print the same sheet.I have three different types of passport and stamp sized photos because:one has a sad eyebrow,one has bad hair,and the other looks like a boho.Ohh wait,there's this book which I started reading with a lot of enthusiasm too:The Gita For the Youth.And occult books,yes.A few superstitions that go with me.And I have an upturned dustin,that was done so to trap roaches,there are two captives.Haw haw haw!
And jobless?Yes,very.